Monday, December 5, 2011

Here come Santa Claus, Here comes Santa Claus

I absolutely LOVE the Holidays (i.e. the time from Thanksgiving through Christmas). Living in South Florida, we don't get to partake in the lovely experiences of dashing through the snow or watching the leaves change from red to gold. But once in a while we do get to bundle up for the wayward cold snap that brings temperature down into the low 50s. Brrrrrrr!
So yeah, I am totally unabashedly jealous of anyone who gets to experience actual seasons, especially around this time of the year. But I still do my best to deck the halls, even on a tight budget. This year, we got a smaller Christmas tree for $35. But it's actually been the nicest tree we've ever had because it's perfectly symmetrical, and it was so much easier to decorate since I didn't have to get up on a chair to do the lights.

Simple centerpiece made from ornaments

Homemade felt stockings

$3 ceramic candle holder from Goodwill

Bowl of cranberries

$35 worth of Frasier Fir
There were a few projects that I didn't get around to doing this year, like a felt advent calendar, but that will have to wait until next year. I will try to repaint before the 24th comes around though. I've been working so much on redecorating this year that it would be nice if the house could be freshly painted as well.
So, how are your Christmas preparations going? Are you also on a tight budget and making do with what you have around the house?

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