Monday, August 15, 2011

Be Still My Beating Heart!

It was a lazy, hot, and humid Saturday morning. I had nothing to do, and my mom was beyond stressed. I knew she had a penchant for garage sales, so I showed up bright and early at her doorstep to take her "shopping". We went to about 4 houses before the heat and humidity started getting to all of us (my two kids came along). But we stopped at the last garage sale on our list. And thank heavens we did!
When I first saw her I approached her timidly. I knew that she wasn't going to be within my reach. But then I saw the price in bright yellow and orange neon stickers. Thirty Five. I about choked on my own spit. Alrighty then, Dalila, calm down, I said to myself. There's no reason to give away what a freaking steal this is at that price. Take it easy.
"Oh, would you take $30?" I nonchalantly asked. I went from a timid to rabid in about 2 seconds flat.
"Sure" said one of the ladies taking care of the sale. Hmmm. I was silent. "You can take it for $25."
Wowzers. Time to call the man of the house. Because if I bought this baby, the poor guy was going to have to lug this up a very very tall flight of stairs.
So I called, and he wasn't all that happy to hear about my find. He still remembered when nearly threw out his back with our dining room table, a flea market find. But he didn't flat out say no. "Do what you want."
HA! Ok, you said it!
So I went back and my mom, being the haggler that she is, asked if they would take $20. Sure! No problem.
So here she is folks, my wonderful heart stopping totally unexpected yard sale find. She's a 1960s era Danish Modern teak credenza made by Falster in Denmark.

It's basically in pretty good condition, save for two issues. Two drawers have nails through the handles.


And the tambour door has about six wooden panels that are cracked at the top. I will probably have to replace those. I have no idea how to do that, but with such a beautiful piece, I must find a way.

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