Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Rimmel Stay Matte Foundation for Loose Change!

Here's a chance to even out your complexion for almost free. CVS has select cosmetics on clearance for 75%. Rimmel's Stay Matte Foundation is $1.75. There's a $3/1 coupon on coupons.com. You can play it two different ways. Get 2 foundations for each coupon, and pay a quarter per foundation plus tax. Or, you can buy one foundation and use the extra $1.25 towards something else you need. Either way, you can't lose with this deal.
Happy Savings!


  1. I don't see a Rimmel coupon on coupons.com. Help?!?!

  2. I was able to print one yesterday. Try zipcode 33031 or 01001. If you still don't see them it may be gone. Let me know if you were able to find one.