Saturday, November 20, 2010

Do Something Day

Black Friday is upon us. The one day in America when folks of all religions, sexual orientations, class, race, gender, etc. bow down to the God Mammon. I've never taken part in the shopping frenzies of that day, partly because of a personal disdain towards the buy buy buy mentality, and partly because I'm afraid of my life getting cut short by a rabid shopper who wants to get inside the store at all costs. In thinking about alternatives to the obligatory shopping mall trip on Black Friday, I vaguely remembered the Buy Nothing Day. But that doesn't seem to be enough. great, so you did not buy anything. But what else did you do? Did you go to the park with your kids? Did you get together with friends for some coffee and catching up?
So my new mantra for Black Friday will be "Do Something (other than shopping)". Think about what's important in your life, and do something around that. Is it your children? Do something with them. Your significant other? Go on a picnic. Your community? Donate your time in a soup kitchen or prepare some Thanksgiving boxes to give to deserving families. Do something, anything. Just don't go the mall.

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