Thursday, August 12, 2010

We have rhythm!

Finally, I've gotten our days into the beginning stages of a nice rhythm. It's not perfect, but it's a far cry from the haphazard way we were living our days before. It helps tremendously that Liam no longer naps during the day. We get up at around 7:30 every day, and by 7:30 pm, the boys are both in bed and fast asleep.
Here's what our days look like so far:

7:30 Wake up and have breakfast
8:00-9:00 load of laundry and clearing of clutter
9:30-11:30 park time/or lesson time
12:30 lunch
1:00 storytime and quiet time
2:00 free play time
3:00 art time
5:00  dinner
6:00 bath time
7:00 bedtime story and milk
7:30 lights out

Now, we are following some elements of Waldorf in our homeschooling, such as a reliance on classical stories and fairy tales, establishing rhythms, etc. We're not purist by any means, because I am teaching my 4.5 year old some academics, but it's very light in nature. 


  1. Hi. You left a question on my blog about the McRuffy science curriculum, and I replied, but I don't think I had a valid e-mail address. So I'm leaving a comment here about the curriculum: I have been using it, and I like it. Everything is very straight forward, and they even write out the words the teacher can use, if you choose to follow the lesson plans word for word (I don't)... I sometimes find it a little simplistic, but then remember that Crumpet is still only 4 so it should be simple. I often supplement with a few other experiments or books on specific subjects.The curriculum seems to cover a good range of topics for a very good intro to science as a subject. Good luck with homeschooling. Crumpet is 4 1/2 too, and we just love it!

  2. Oh great! I realized after I posted on your blog that the post was a year ago. I'm glad it's working out. I'm definitely going to get it then!